Cloth-eez Two-Sided Baby Wipes – 100% Cotton Terry and Flannel – 12 Pack Review

Cloth-eez Two-Sided Baby Wipes - 100% Cotton Terry and Flannel - 12 Pack

  • 100% Cotton cloth wipes
  • Fits in standard wipes tubs or wipes warmers. Wipes are size 5″ x 8″ before shrinkage.
  • Washable pure 100% cotton terry on one side sewn to 100% cotton flannel on the other side.

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Cloth baby wipes. The terry side is great for the main job because it gently grips without smearing – while the smooth, soft flannel side gently cleans up the finer details. White is the best color for wipes because it helps you see what you are doing to make sure baby’s bottom is clean. Use for diaper changes and toss them in the wash with your cloth diapers. Stop sorting disposable wipes into the trash. Instead, wash these wipes with your cloth diapers without any sorting. Cloth wipes are easy to use. Just wet them down with water or your favorite wipes solution and use them. You can pat dry baby’s bottom with a dry wipe before putting on the next diaper. Each pack contains 12 wipes, 5×8 inches before washing. The two fabrics will shrink slightly differently from each other since they are actually different fabrics and that is ok and expected. The two different fabrics is the great feature for getting the job done. This size fits easily into your hand and not touch the changing surface. They are thick enough to help keep your hand clean without the need to fold them over. The choice of which side to use, the terry side or flannel side, makes them very versatile and effective. Designed specifically for use with cloth diapers, they have the right size and feel for cloth diapered baby change cleanups.

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