VERAS Wet Tissue Wipe Re-Usable Cover 3-pack (PINK) Travel cap for Baby Review

VERAS Wet Tissue Wipe Re-Usable Cover 3-pack (PINK) Travel cap for Baby

  • 3Pcs Only wet wipe cover – SAVE MONEY ECO COVER
  • The price difference of the cap(cover)-type wet wipe and the refilling-type wet wipe is about 1 dollar. If you use 2000 times, you can reduce more than 2000 dollars.You can save the wet wipe worth 2 dollars as much as 1000 ones.
  • Existing wet wipe caps(cover) were inconvenient because 2~3 tissues were plucked when you tried to pluck one tissue so you might waste some tissues. You were unwilling to put them in again. But we solved the problem by the patented technology.The wet wipe will be plucked one by one now.
  • We never not use the tape. You can reuse it more than 2000 times with SME material as thick as 2mm approved by FDA. It can lift the weight up to 3kg. If you want to reuse as the sticking face is polluted, just cleanse by water!
  • Gel – This product was made by subjecting Polyester used as the sleeping pill in early days to the thermal reaction. Since it is familiar with the human body, it is also used as the surgery apparatus in the hospital. This material was approved by US FDA; it is used as the food container adhesion. NASA uses this SME in place of the spacesuit zipper. This material is environment-friendly and is used for various industries due to its excellent durability

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We acquired the certificates of ROHS and KCL. It is designed to be used for all wet wipe. Convenience/adhesion/dual structure/economic feasibility/safeness/compatibility

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